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Simply Powerful Media Serving


Focus on what you need in 90% of your AV projects -  
simple, affordable, stable, powerful and versatile media playback

EXAPLAY is designed for rock-solid, smooth high-resolution playback of video content, supporting the latest GPU-based codecs available on the market. 100% controlled through a webbased interface!
It is the perfect solution if you do not require the sometimes overwhelming complexity of other media servers on the market, but need to focus on the core of all projects: Play out media on multiple screens, timelines, and clients, either in sync or independently.


Easy to setup - versatile to play

Easy to setup synced or individual playback on multiple timelines and cuelists.

EXAPLAY is your go-to media player software, especially designed to easily control your multimedia content across various displays and timelines in an ease-of use way.

With EXAPLAY, you can create multi-layer arrangements of media, control items, and settings on multiple timelines AND multiple cuelist - just as you need for your project.

Timelines and cuelists can be synced or played back individually, giving you full control of what to output at any time. It supports a wide range of outputs, including projectors, LEDs, and screens.

Plus, with the ability to dynamically add, hide, and manipulate timelines in real-time, you have the ultimate control over presentations. Make the most out of your media with EXAPLAY, where versatility meets precision.

Set up your screens and projectors with ease - controlled through your web browser

EXAPLAY automatically detects your remote system displays and you can easily assign them to screens, screen groups, screenfields or outputs or even individual media.

Supports different targets from single or multiple clients, e.g., a mixed setup of projectors, LEDs, screens. Playback as many outputs from a CPU as you want with independent or synced timelines.

Simply assign a timeline or cuelist - done!


Control your environment.
Get controlled

The integrated TCP/OSC/UDP In-OUT makes it easy to integrate EXAPLAY with other control systems and devices. Cues can be set to control playbacks, send commands and even load a calibration of projectors on demand!  As our interface is also 100% web based, there is REST-API for advanced integration.


Integrate VIOSO 

Integrated VIOSO calibration 

EXAPLAY CALIBRATION version additionally includes the leading auto-alignment technology of VIOSO for adjusting projection setups, including automatic warping, blending, and black level correction, either automatically or manually. Perfect for immersive rooms, panorama screens, domes, and more.

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